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 (2 devices)
Bimby ThermomixBimby TM 21


 (4 devices)
160cmX60cmIndesit PTAA 3Hoover HST 162210cmX60cm

Coffee Machines

 (2 devices)
Expresso Briel ES74Krups Nespresso XN 5005 (Le Cube)

Fridge Freezers

 (2 devices)
Samsung RL60GQERS1Becken 260A+

Washing machine

 (4 devices)
Bosch Maxx 7 WAE2026WEPBosch Maxx 7 EcoPerfectElectrolux EWW168543WElectrolux EWF148543W


 (1 devices)
Electrolux ESF 66814 XR


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