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Terms and Conditions

These conditions are intended to regulate the use of the services offered by SkinEasy - online store at, dedicated to the trade of fashion accessories in various materials, which may include silver and semiprecious stones.
All products are ordered from SkinEasy by Internet or phone - SkinEasy does not have a physical establishment.

The clauses that make these Terms bind both parties, forming an integral and inseparable part of the sale contract which operates effectively with the confirmation of the client, given the following notice of the order reception by SkinEasy, in accordance with Article 29 of Portuguese Decree-Law 7/2004 of January 27th, and the nr. 1 of the article 405 of the Portuguese Civil Code that accepts the principle of autonomy and agreements between the parties.

Ordering process, sell, despatch and delivery of articles

Stocks: SkinEasy, in its commitment to quality and customer service will make the best effort so that the availability status of each product is up to date at all times. However, in exceptional circumstances of multiple orders or others causing a run out of the product stock, the order and the contract signed between both parties become void. In these cases, the customer is fully refunded the amount paid by it in the event of prepayment, without being able to produce in favor of any party to compensation in place of a breach of contract, consequential damages or lost profits.

Methods of payment for the online orders:
  • Credit card: VISA or Mastercard, 3DSecure mode - an application is made for payment authorization in the total amount of the order.
  • ATM: the client receives an entity number, a reference and the value, to make a payment in ATM or home banking.
  • PayPal: Pay fast and safe with your PayPal account or with your debit or credit card, without sharing any financial information with us.
Upon successful payment, SkinEasy is automatically notified and begins the process of shipment of the products of the order. In the case of payment by credit card, the capture of the payment authorization is held after the expedition.

Deadline: the deadline begins to run from reception of the notification of the payment, within Portuguese working hours. The delivery of the goods depends on the country and region of delivery. SkinEasy fulfills orders from domestic customers, with regard to the mainland, between the 2nd and the 3rd business day after the order and if there is availability of products in stock. In the case of breakthrough times for stock, the customer will be contacted in order to be informed about delivery times or to be suggested for alternatives to the products requested.

Place and manner of delivery: the order will be delivered at the designated location at the time of order confirmation. The client can not change the delivery address initially indicated from the time the order is shipped. The goods will be sent by mail, along with the document which should include data identifying the customer, the type of order, price, item number and the products it contains. When the customer detects any error or finds the order to be visibly damaged, he shall so inform SkinEasy within 48 hours through the after-sales service, published on its internet site at The goods will be covered against the risks of transport, loss and handling at all times until their delivery to the customer. If none of the described facts are communicated within the 48 hours period, the goods will be taken as delivered in perfect condition. Claims subsequent to 48 hours after delivery will not be considered.


SkinEasy reserves the right, at all times and unilaterally, to change the prices of any products and offered services.
The prices are displayed and charged in Euros and include VAT at the statutory rate in force on the date of the order registration. The prices are valid except for typographical errors.
All prices quoted are only valid for products in stock. If the product is out of stock, the price will need to be confirmed and may be altered.
Please be advised that if the price listed on the site, is incorrect and clearly derisive, regardless of its cause (computational error, manual handling error, technical error, etc..), the order will be canceled, even if you have been confirmed.


Freedom of resolution: in accordance with the provisions of Article 6 Of Portuguese Decree-Law nr. 143/2001 of April 26th, the customer has a period of 14 days to rescind the contract without penalty and without giving any reason, counting from the day of the order reception by the customer. To use the right of free resolution, the customer may contact SkinEasy by registered letter. In the case of exercising the right of withdrawal, the customer must keep the products in order to refund them in perfect condition to SkinEasy, within 30 days from the date of its reception. The payment of travel expenses caused by the exchange or refund will be payable by the customer in case of dissatisfaction with the product and will be payable by SkinEasy in case of sending the wrong items or if the items are damaged in transit.

Important note: in case of deterioration of the product (package with injury), error in sending or lack of material therein, the customer shall notify SkinEasy, by e-mail or phone, within 48 hours after the order reception.

SkinEasy will not refund any amount paid on products handled by the client, or products without the original packaging, or goods that are returned incomplete, both in its main elements as in its accessories. No law shall be valid for a resolution after the deadline indicated. A product that has been used and/or manipulated loses market value, even if it is in perfect condition, so your reimbursement amount may not be that of the initial purchase. SkinEasy is not responsible for returns of products handled by the client or the return of goods which are incomplete in both its main elements as in its accessories. Those who acquire, store, use or consume goods and/or services in order to integrate them in processes of production, processing, marketing or providing to others shall not be regarded as consumers and users, and so do not benefit the rights granted to consumers who constitute as recipients.
After confirmation of the return by SkinEasy to the customer, he/she should expedite the product(s) to our address listed on the contact page on If this submission is made via mail, priority mail must be chosen. After SkinEasy confirms the state of the product(s) a credit note will be issued of the full value of the product(s). If the customer opts for a refund, it can be made by bank transfer.

Limited Warranty

The product warranty assumes a normal use, with common sense, and appropriate to the respective standards prescribed for use and maintenance; any other type of use will free Me Mix from all liability for damages arising therefrom.

Update of the terms and conditions

SkinEasy reserves the right to change these conditions of use and other regulations published in without notice.
For this reason we recommend the regular consultation of these terms and conditions of use: its updated version is always current on all use of the website and, in particular, in the act of placing of an order.

Legal Forum

The parties submit any dispute to the jurisdiction of the District of Lisbon in Portugal, expressly waiving any other.


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