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A SkinEasy skin, is a thin ​cover/skin that you can apply directly on your device (phone, computer, tablet, game console, small or large appliance or objects of decoration and walls) to personalize and protect your device. The material of the SkinEasy cover/skin  is a tested, resistant, strong and flexible vinyl that fits perfectly to the device in question.

We provide a set of images and styles available for you to change the look of your device in a fast and easy way, but you can use any image you wish or your own personal photographs, provided they have a minimum quality to ensure a good impression.

In addition to the customization, the SkinEasy cover/skin also protects the device from the daily pats and scratches. For added protection, for some devices, you can also buy a protective translucent cover. The SkinEasy cover/skin is shipped with a plastic adhesive tab for easy application.

What type of SkinEasy covers/skins for devices are available?

We have a variety of designs available, with themes like nature and animals, entertainment, venues and including the arts. We have a simulator that allows the design of SkinEasy covers/skins with your own photos and images, for the unique creation of a custom cover/skin. Create a new and unique image for your device!
Due to licensing agreements some covers/skins may not be available in some countries. However, if you need a cover/skin that is not available, do not hesitate to contact us writing to

What is a custom SkinEasy cover?

Our simulator lets you design your own cover/skin using your photos and images to be able to create your own custom covers/skins.
Please note the following sizes so that the photos do not lose quality:
Phones, game consoles, MP3, etc.: recommended at least 800 x 800 pixels.
Laptops, netbooks, ebooks, etc.: recommended at least 2000 x 2000 pixels.
File types: JPG, PNG, GIF and TIFF, or web links to this file type.



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